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  1. DownOnTheUpside

    reports from last night

    been checking in on a sunderland forum now and again to gauge their reaction and I saw this I seriously doubt it's any lids on here as it seems to be a thoroughly decent sort on GOT, but on the off chance one of them is on...
  2. DownOnTheUpside

    what are you drinking to ease the pain of TDD

    it's HCC black for me
  3. DownOnTheUpside


    whilst browsing the transfer forum you may encounter the following image this image will be used to remind anyone bedwetting about the cost of transfers that 1) we're rich 2) our season tickets have actually gone down 3) it's not actually coming out of your pocket directly 4) you're usually...
  4. DownOnTheUpside

    Realistic shouts for a second striker

    So who would you like and why? Ideally I'd like insigne but theres no way napoli will let him go now theyve sold higuain So who could we reasonably attract?
  5. DownOnTheUpside

    are we too soft nowadays?

    just rewatched that classic cup match (the danny gosling one) if you listen in, torres is limping, gerrard forced off, carragers eye is done in and they're in a bear pit honestly I think teams, especially the rs get too much of an easy ride at goodison nowadays, we need to get back to the old...
  6. DownOnTheUpside

    academy strikers

    we seem to be cornering the market when it comes to bringing through decent defenders and midfielders (pennington, ledson, davies, barkley, dowell, browning) plus buying Galloway, Holgate and stones this considered, why don't we seem to be able to bring through a striker better than kone/niasse
  7. DownOnTheUpside

    Yannick Bolasie not sure how I feel about this one, always seems to score against us
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