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  1. toffee-boy

    A little help

    Please move this topic if needed, Does anyone know what the home shirt was in 1958 and if they are available to buy? Thinking of a Christmas gift for me old man. Cheers
  2. toffee-boy

    Who would you replace

    Not just looking at today but i would replace or get cover for Robles jagielka Cover for Coleman Williams Cover for baines Another winger Barkley If lukaku goes 2 x replacements It's time for us to make that step up from where we are at now if we want top 4
  3. toffee-boy

    Marouane Fellaini Texts Roberto

    Looks like Marouane is trying to get his spot back in the squad as he wants to play CL next season lol (y)
  4. toffee-boy

    Euromillions Winning 157m

    The euro mill's is 157 million tonight (it could be you) if it was you would help everton in any way and if so how .. ie pay off there debt .. buy them a player? I think I would buy finch farm and pay off the debt everton have and loan it back to the club for 0%
  5. toffee-boy

    Everton Christmas Video (John Lewis Style)

    Dont know if its been posted if it has .. please delete (i know this sounds a little creepy but .... who would you like in your box?)
  6. toffee-boy

    David Moyes rules out any January transfer

    Everton boss David Moyes has ruled out any January transfer business because of a lack of resources. The Toffees have started in brilliant fashion in the Premier League and currently sit in fourth spot after 11 games, suffering just one defeat. "I don't think we'll strengthen in January," said...
  7. toffee-boy

    Everton Room

    Hi, I was looking for a little inspiration, im getting a garden house but in the bottom of the garden that im going to turn into a bar / sports room, i want it to be a bit of an everton bar with pictures and shirts up on the wall. Was wondering if anyone has a picture of there room. Tried...
  8. toffee-boy

    Buying From La Liga

    After the news that Spain are having money problems and alot of players looking at leaving sunny spain for the Eng Prem, what deals and steals would you like to see to come over?
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