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    Blame The Players Thread 2019/2020

    New season. New thread. theres the thread from last season. basically annoys me seeing the manager get pelters for everything when often its some shocking individual errors, including crap finishing, and displays that...
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    What's the overall plan - manager and squad?

    I've been trying in the Silva thread to get an idea of what people want and expect in regards to the manager and the job to be done with the squad. Lots of shouts to sack but not much idea of the details of what to do next. I don't think you have to be a DOF to have an opinion or suggestions on...
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    Blame The Players Thread

    I think it's fair to say there's a lot of fans sick and tired of most of our players and the lack of effort shown over the last 4 seasons. Some have mentioned they wouldn't care less if all were sold and we started next season with a completely clean slate. I can definitely understand that. I'm...
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    In The Car With Andy & Royston

    A workmate who used to work in Holland passed me this. Not sure if it's been posted before. Apparently Andy Van Der Meyde has a TV show over there where he picks up famous people, mostly footballers, and drives about having a chat. This one was with Drenthe! I only linked the 2nd half as the...
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    Are we in a relegation battle right now?

    Quick easy poll. Just wondering what the majority are actually thinking as I am quite surprised by a lot of people's attitude right now. I don't think we are....based on what usually happens in a Premier League season with at least 3 poor smaller clubs drifting away, and also based on the fact...
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    Roberto Vs Ronald

    I don't know how arsed I'll be to post in this myself but don't wanna derail the gripping discussion of the next possible manager to fail to win us a trophy. I maintain Ronald bowing out early in his second season with the team in the bottom 3 having only delivered one okay generally dull...
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    Match Thread Everton v Bournemouth. 23 Sep at 1500

    Please win
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