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  1. The Cowboy

    Limited but liked

    Flipping the other thread on its head, who are the players who were not great but you liked anyway? Straq, obviously. Abblett - perhaps a little blue-tinted given he's no longer with us, and I think I've grown to respect him more after his time with us than during it. His desperate flailing...
  2. The Cowboy

    Fume level: critical

    Inspired by the Goodison exterior thread, I'm wondering which match has caused the highest fume level, individually or collectively? There was a few games in the darkest RM days, around when Jags said the players asked Martinez to let them play a different way, which was very fumesome. I think...
  3. The Cowboy

    Barkley's goal

    Lovely run and strike, but do you think it was going in or not?
  4. The Cowboy

    An open forum with Bob

    You see folk on here, on twitter, down the pub etc pontificating about how Barry is finished, Osman is the devil incarnate, Hibbert shouldn't be playing, can't Martinez see that XYZ isn't being utilised in the best way blah blah. Now - it's always said that the boss knows best and who are we...
  5. The Cowboy

    U21's most likely to...

    I see lots of individual threads about the U21 prospects. We seem to have quite a few who are either on the brink of the first team, or looking like they're not going to make it. Just having a quick look through the list: Who do you think will go on...
  6. The Cowboy

    Am I a real fan?

    Hello all, Having recently joined this forum, it seems that in the main, folk on here are pretty die-hard Everton fans. Which is cool. I do love Everton, but I have some limitations. 1) I don't go the match (this is financial and geographical rather than from a lack of want) 2) I've never...
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