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  1. roydo

    Davide Ancelotti

    Its becoming obvious over the last few weeks that several players have markedly improved. DCL, (obvs), but also Tom, Gylfi, Gomes, Iwobi, Keane, even Pickford, (less obvs granted). Coleman looks better, Mina also. Has this lad been working with them, or is it all down to his Dad.?
  2. roydo

    Blue looking for lift from London to Stoke

    Might get a response instead of being buried in the match thread @AlexEFC92 Anyone able to help out?
  3. roydo

    Match Thread Everton v Manchester United. 1st Jan. 2018. 17.30

    Happy New Year. Or not. Lukaku has a headache, so does Sam come to that. COYB.
  4. roydo

    10 most seismic Everton matches.

    Talk Sport/Paddy Barclay doing a piece about United's, cos he has a book out I think. Got me thinking. Not the best, and not always for the best reasons. But ones that if turned out different, well, things might be different now. Clumsy intro, but hope you get the drift. Some obvious ones...
  5. roydo

    Everton Free School

    I had heard about this, but knew little about it. Superb article from the BBC.
  6. roydo

    Goodison Park and naming rights.

    Calm down. Just heard an Echo pod cast, all things Mosh and Stadium and that. Will link it when I can be bothered. Anyrate. The subject of Everton doing a naming rights deal for GP was booted about, reason being to boost the coffers, (significantly) and hence giving more rope to Koeman, and a...
  7. roydo

    The Esk in The Echo. I think.

    Eggs is right. Wide ranging comments from the man.
  8. roydo

    If GOT owned Everton.

    Money not withstanding, assume we have tons. Who will make a decent fist of it? So. The obvious top man is Esk. Not sure there will many dissenters on that. @hibbo'sclass in some capacity on the Board. @GrandOldTeam in charge of comms and all things interweb based. Scottish scout...
  9. roydo

    What would you do with Goodison if we get our new ground?

    Going to be a pretty rough gig for the pubs and chippies and that I guess. But they obviously dont open a few hours every 2 weeks, so hopefully they will continue to make a living. But the ground? What should/will happen to it? L4 aint exactly a real estate goldmine, lets face it. Thoughts?
  10. roydo

    Latest Takeover Rumour. The Moores / Noell one

    All in here. So, it's been 24 hours or so since The Times broke the story about this being a possibility. Based on what you've heard and read, how do you feel about it ?
  11. roydo

    Everton "special" Talksport 9:00pm Monday 10th Aug 2015

    Try keeping all the chat about this in here lads? For future reference as well as having it across tons of threads. 1053 & 1089 AM and Sky 0108 in the UK. Ta.
  12. roydo

    Jonny Evans. Strongly linked by proper newspapers. Hmm.

    Well, thoughts? *legs it*
  13. roydo

    The best in the world at their position. At Everton

    Inspired by some chat in another thread. Who, while they were/are (sic) at Everton, were/are (sic) the best, or close to, the best in Der World? Ball and Nev maybe? Linekar couldnt be far off. So not EVER, but at the time they played. Players who literally would have been signed by any...
  14. roydo

    EFC Player on the Month

    Rom, apparently. But am I the only one who cant remember any POTM awards this season so far?? Like, might make some sense I guess.
  15. roydo

    Public Service. Bill on 5 Live soon. Interview.

    Lob feedback/reaction in the Board thread please. (Or Stadium one with luck!) *hope the Ross one stays quiet ffs*
  16. roydo

    International break

    Who are involved? Eberton players that is. Jags & Baines, Rom, Aids. Oh, Besic I guess. Gibson? That it? Come home safe lads, and hopefully the break will be good for our walking wounded.
  17. roydo

    Europa League Draw Live Link Lots of requests in the other thread. So a sticky for an hour or so.
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