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  1. Arteta10

    Heads, shoulders, knees, John Stones

    Heard a few lads in the pub in bern singing john stones to the tune of heads shoulders knees and toes but there were no lyrics for the second bit of the song Recon we could use the same tune but sing something like: 'Our defence has got John Stones, got John Stones Jaaaagielka and John Stones...
  2. Arteta10

    Watching Everton in Australia

    I'm a scouse blue going to Australia for a month in Nobember, just wondering if any Aussie fans can let me know what the deal is with trying to watch live premier league games with the time difference Do bars stay open late to show the football or is there any chance it would be on the TV in...
  3. Arteta10

    Tom Huddlestone?

    Story in the mail today saying spurs are gonna have to let a lot of players go to fund a new contract for bale, Huddlestone being one of them. I think we were linked with him when he was at derby before spurs signed him but I think he'd be a great addition to the squad. Wouldn't cost us an...
  4. Arteta10

    Why don't we get a Europa place now Chelsea have won it?

    Does anyone know how it works?
  5. Arteta10

    Calum McManaman

    Appoint Martinez as manager and sign that boy up! Having a great final here and I've been impressed whenever I've watched him, got two good feet, pace and can beat a man. He's from Huyton and he's a blue apparently so if we do appoint Martinez I could really see it happening
  6. Arteta10

    The Return of The Gibb

    Anyone else remember the state of meltdown this place was in when the news broke after the West Brom game that Gibbo was gonna be out for (what was then) 6 weeks? And to be honest, although we havent been beaten since then, it was sorta justified. We've only won 3 of the 8 games since then...
  7. Arteta10

    Jelavic Injury?

    Anyone know whether he'll be fit for Blackpool? He pulled a stomach muscle last week didnt he? Oh, and while I'm at it, can we sing 'Stracqualursi, Stracqualursi, ole ole ole' instead of the 'doo, doo, doo' one?
  8. Arteta10

    Jonathon Walters anyone?

    Not that hes been linked at all, and im not even sure if we'd be able to afford him, but would anyone take him? Looking through the 'realistic striker' thread I recon hes a better option than most mentioned He's an Everton fan like, made sure the sh!te fans knew that when he scored past...
  9. Arteta10

    Rodwell the new Scott Parker?

    Was watching highlights of Parker's performance against Arsenal at the weekend and i noticed that he has a lot of similar attributes to Rodwell in terms of how he tackles, his composure on the ball and his ability to go box to box Im not going to talk about the sending off for Jack because...
  10. Arteta10

    Distin - Mr Contradiction? Less than two weeks ago he came out saying 'We definitely need to strengthen' and we all praised him for saying it how the fans saw it instead of the usual b0ll0cks that we get fed Are they really that stupid to come out making two bold...
  11. Arteta10

    Nobody interested in Saviola? It could be sh!te, but the mirror recons he would go for just £2million...surely even...
  12. Arteta10

    Yannick Djalo Maybe this one is a bit more realistic than Defoe? Despite the fact that the bid has been rejected its encouraging to see that we've got some sort of...
  13. Arteta10

    Jezza Defoe...,19528,11661_6938179,00.html Saw this story on sky sports news this morning and it got me thinking.... 1. How much would he cost? I recon possibly 9/10 million? 2. Could we raise that sort of money somehow? 3. Would he want to play for us? Wages/no...
  14. Arteta10

    City to bid £20 mil for Rodders... please God let this be true!
  15. Arteta10

    Moyes Plans Squad Improvement/We may find there's not as much spending as in the past

    I was filled with a massive amount of excitement as i read the headline on the main page, wishfully expecting to read about the new Sheik who was going to buy us out and give Moyesie a transfer kitty to spend.... Yet the last line of the article seems to tell the story pretty much how it is, we...
  16. Arteta10

    Manuel Fernandes

    Whatever happened to the lad? I know the jury was always out on him but i always thought there was a real chance he could have been a star, the goal against Man U and the performance against Arsenal in the same season were prime examples I know we've got no money but would a loan deal still be...
  17. Arteta10

    'Realistic' summer targets

    Ive been trying, and failing, to think of a couple of players that we could bring in in the summer who would; 1) improve the team/squad 2) be realistically affordable 3) add a bit of hunger and excitement to a squad that i think has just gone a little stale in the past 9 months At the...
  18. Arteta10

    Songs for Magaye?

    Something inventive for once? or do we still prefer shouting to those silly songs that the RS make up
  19. Arteta10

    Time to let Rodwell go...

    So theres set to be a bidding war in the summer i personally dont think its a done deal with United just yet as some of the papers were saying, but i seriously think we'd have to look at the money on the table with no funds expected does anyone really want another summer of free signings ala...
  20. Arteta10

    January Loan Deals

    I was a little bemused by Moyesy quoting a 'lack of viable options' to justify not bringing anyone in on loan in January In the past we've generally had success with loan deals with Donovan being the obvious example so i couldnt understand why we didnt go in for Steven Ireland or Carlos Vela...
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