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    Nick Powell Apparently might be in for this lad. 18yr old midfielder from Crewe Alexandra rated at £3m. No direct quotes or anything, probably silly season starting already. Anyone know anything about the lad, anyway?
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    25 years ago today... Who else was there?
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    "Everton" free school

    Another first for Everton: Plans to be the first club to set up and run a free school.
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    I just got back from getting married in Thailand and a something struck me while over there. Given that our shirt sponsor, Chang, is one of the most popular beers there the club and sponsor should be doing much more to get us a presence over there. United have a deal with Singha and there were...
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    Pienaar injured

    Stephen Pienaar has been withdrawn from the South Africa squad for the ACON qualifier against Sierra Leone after apparently picking up a groin injury in training at Everton:
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    Fernando Torres

    Not sure if this shouldn't be in the World Football section so feel free to move it, mods, but I chose to post it here as it probably has some significance for the rest of our season... I've just read a kopite mate's FB update saying that the above mentioned ladyboy is out for the rest of the...
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    Leighton Baines

    Read on the ESPN website today that the Bainsey has got more assists this season than Stevie Me (or any of the Red Plague in fact), Florent Malouda, Antonio Valencia, Gareth Barry and Ashley Young. Should be a shoe-in for the squad for SA really. Something seriously wrong if he's not.
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