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  1. Lawrence

    The Latch

    Many of us of a certain vintage just about had Alan Ball and a great side as our heroes before it was all taken away. My years at "big school" as an Evertonian coincided with the rot setting in. The superstar we had was The Latch, better in my eyes than Sharpy ever was or Joe Royle. The sad...
  2. Lawrence

    Sky Team LFC

    How many RS do they need, it's a complete joke. We don't help ourselves letting Dalglish in the stands. Tyler should be put out of his and our misery.
  3. Lawrence

    Slow Weak and Uninterested.

    Thank you Messers Schniderlin Walcott Touson and Sniggy for one of the worst days watching my club. Please other fans bear in mind the amount of money these snowflakes have cost this club. Yes I have seen worse Bernie Wright, Brett Angell etc. The above named have no passion for the jersey or...
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