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  1. bitter-no-better

    Best route to the champions league?

    Man Utd has just won the europa league having won 66% of their games in the competition 10/15. Liverpool have just achieved 4th place by accumulating 66% of the points on offer in 38 games. Since the europa league was introduced 42 English teams have entered. Only 6 have ended up in the top...
  2. bitter-no-better

    Best squad for years?

    Throughout the season there have been very few times where we have seen competition for places. Joel/Howard (Howard dropped/injured) Coleman - Browning/Hibbert (Injured). Failure to get back up with Byram Baines - Oviedo/Galloway (injured or played when not fully fit) Jags/Mori/Stones (Only...
  3. bitter-no-better

    Xmas gifts. what would yours be?

    just to lighten the mood since our disappointing few weeks. feel free to add in the other squad players. Howard - 4000 air miles Coleman - Gary Stevens box set Baines - hover board Mori - Sienfeld dvd Stones - Barcelona fc 2017 calendar Barry - slippers and pipe mccarthy - take that cd...
  4. bitter-no-better

    This time next week

    How do we see the mood in here ?
  5. bitter-no-better

    The top and bottom of it.

    We have played 15 games against the current top 10 and won 8 points. 1/2 point a game and 1 WIN And 13 games against the current bottom half and won 20 points with 5 WINS. 1.5 points a game. We are to play 5 top and 5 bottom teams which if we continue the same trend we will gain 10...
  6. bitter-no-better


    2 recognised strikers of which 1 is hardly getting a game and the other has a lot of pressure on his young shoulders at the moment. Why did we not strengthen this area at all this season. For a premier league club which at the start of the season was aiming for top 4 and a run in Europe this...
  7. bitter-no-better

    Its an age thing.

    howard 35 baines 30 jags 32 distin 37 coleman 26 Hibbert 33 alvacaz 32 garbutt, stones, browning and a new keeper in. howard and distin out for next season. midfield barry 33 Mccarthy 24 naismith 28 gibson 27 besic 22 ovideo 24 piennar 32 barkley 21 osman 33 mcgeady 28 mirallas 27 mccarthy...
  8. bitter-no-better


    If our players played american football how would we look from the deeefence!. safety howard safety robles cornerback baines cornerback coleman outside linebacker oviedo outside linebacker alcaraz middle linebacker stones tackle jags tackle besic end distin end Hibbert Are Howard...
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