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  1. nsno-chris

    The Managerial Dream

    Good evening Grand Old Team. It seems the plotters are gathering pace in trying to oust Don Carlo. These Geordie infiltrators seem not to know what patience is, and demand instant success. When they return to the Old Lady and try to force Mr Ancelotti out of the club, it seems that they have 2...
  2. nsno-chris

    Welcome Home Davey

    Show your appreciation to Davey, the new Everton manager
  3. nsno-chris

    The Fanbase - it's your fault?

    Discussion in other threads regarding the ability of our players have solely pointed the finger at our fan base. So let the debate begin. Are the vile ketwigs in the street end responsible, or may the IPA drinkers in the Park End?? Is it possible that a set of fans, sitting there and paying...
  4. nsno-chris

    Fat Slug “Bongos Bingo” Post Match comments

    what will the fat rat say
  5. nsno-chris

    Embrace the Reality

    Good afternoon (well not really) fellow blooos. After another disheartening defeat delivered by the fat man, I think it might be time to look reality in the eyes. The funfair that some on here created by championing the saviour seems to have back fired. The glorified survival specialist who was...
  6. nsno-chris

    School of Hoof

    I find it far more entertaining watching the ball go aimlessly high, and literally nowhere. I enjoy having no shots on target during a game, it makes you appreciate it when you do create a chance and see the opposition goalkeeper actually move a bit It’s tactically astute to setup with 6 at...
  7. nsno-chris

    Noticeable Improvements

    The busy festive season passes us by I thought I would gather some figures to show the radical improvement the Ronkster as given us. The fitness levels seems to be improving and our output is increasing. We can clearly see from the below figures improvements all round; goals scored is up on...
  8. nsno-chris

    Post Match Interview

    Give it your best shot lads
  9. nsno-chris

    safe travels

    To all blues making the trip to the Ukraine, be careful and safe journeys both to the ground and back home. COYB
  10. nsno-chris

    Post Match Conference Prediction

    We played well and the lads showed a fighting spirit till the end; we defended has a unit I though our play was terrific
  11. nsno-chris

    New 3rd Kit

    Is ace; got the feed on my FBook page then, can't see anything on the OS. Its the same design as the away one with white instead of yellow Edit: and the blue is darker. Can;t understand why its on there official Fbook page and still not on the OS
  12. nsno-chris

    Chung-yong Lee

    According to Sky Sports, Everton and Sunderland are interested in Lee. Remember him being ok when he first signed for Bolton, then went gash, or injured, I can't remember
  13. nsno-chris

    Everton FC Youth Academy Awarded Elite Status

    Was unaware funding was provided for such things
  14. nsno-chris

    Distin & Neville - Contract Extensions Distin I can understand; but Neville??? I would have rather see him take up a role with youth/reserve set-up...
  15. nsno-chris

    Jelavic Assessment At the bottom of the article relating to players going bankrupt (a bit unbeilvable consdiering their wage) is a video link regarding Jelavic's debut against Spurs, not a bad little video
  16. nsno-chris

    The Cheek of Everton FC

    Celebrating 10 years of Moyes our kind hearted club have decided to reduce shirt prices to £10 When what they really mean is 'Lets gid rid of old stock'. This club has no shame
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