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  1. BigBlueConk

    In the Mire 1994/2017

    Share your memories. How bad were we? Do we blame the players or manager, or both? Last game of the season, May 2nd 1994. Everton are bottom 3 and getting relegated, unless the results go their way. 20 mins in and we are 0-2 down. Get one back with a Graham Stuart penalty. Wimbledon miss a...
  2. BigBlueConk

    Making the Old Team Grand: A Poll 4 yuz.

    So what is that magical ingredient that makes a football forum such a special place. A place for special people. It might be salad cream, it might be cheese on toast. It might be the mods and rockers. It might be the posters, the WUM's, the popcorners, the sniderman, the multis of multis. It...
  3. BigBlueConk

    Who would you like to come out of retirement?

    Hot on the heels on an ailing Man United needing the services of Paul Scholes, who should come back to help Evertons cause? Now I wouldn't mind us being a point or a pound in the bank behind Man United, but they are obviously struggling and so are we. Personally, I'd like to see Saha come...
  4. BigBlueConk

    Bill K versus Madjeski

    Apologies if this has been covered before. Just watched on Sky that Reading FC now belong to Russian based investors after Madjeski agreed a deal, years in the making. The same Russians were dealing with Bill back in 2004, who knocked them back for undisclosed reasons. BK went down the...
  5. BigBlueConk

    Achievement Better Than The Performance.

    Says it all really. Didn't feel we ever got going despite the early goal.
  6. BigBlueConk

    Jo Loves Everton. Truelove!

    Another article with an interview with Jo. He says the affection he has received from all things Everton has made him fall in love with the club and the fans. Unlike he did with City. Needless to say, he wants his long term future with us. Anyway, his story touches me heart :D Score some...
  7. BigBlueConk

    David Bentley. Spurs dont want him, do we?

    Just listing to the gossip on the sports news channels. Harry Redknapp has told Bentley he wont be displacing Lennon or Modric and he is surplus... But would he add anything to our squad if DM goes sniffing?
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