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  1. ProZ

    Empty Goodison

    Just looking at our fixtures and it looks like Spurs was the only away game we will play against a top team this year therefore the only big team we will get maximum benefit from these covid restrictions from, because no doubt playing away at empty stadiums helps the cause. The Goodison games...
  2. ProZ

    Martin O'Neill Tactical Breakdown Thread

    On 16 November 2015, Martin guided the Republic of Ireland to UEFA Euro 2016 after defeating Bosnia and Herzegovina 3–1 on aggregate in the play-offs.[63]
  3. ProZ

    Away Form

    Just been looking at our away form and it really is pretty dire, besides the last minute barkley free kick at Swansea the last away game we won was 4th December against United. Does anyone else think our away form needs to improve if we have any chance of of achieving Europe, Europa or other.
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