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  1. Big Neville Southall

    Old song

    Would anyone know if we used to have a version of this Tranmere song at all? A little bit of heaven fell down from the sky one day And it nestled by the Mersey in a spot not far away And when the angels found it, after looking all around They said 'Why don't we leave it there as Tranmere...
  2. Big Neville Southall

    Everton's potential at the Docks

    If the stadium is a success, which is the whole point of moving, then what size stadium do you think we will need 10 years after we move in there? There's been a few good shouts to start the stadium at 60,000 and this will bring us back in line with half a dozen clubs who will stadiums at that...
  3. Big Neville Southall

    Scottish Soldier

    Can anyone fill in the blanks for the original Everton words to this old song? I only know the first verse in full. The last part is about Ian St John. I don't know whether that is a third verse, or just a separate version altogether. With thanks to an an old poster on here called Coyney (hope...
  4. Big Neville Southall

    Your Ultimate Goodison

    On the last home game before you die how would you like Goodison to be? So if Everton got took over by a billionaire and decided to rebuild it, pay off handsomely for whatever land was needed around it what would you go for? Me, gradually built up to become an 80,000 seater so that we can...
  5. Big Neville Southall

    Supporter Club History

    I was thinking about the advent of our supporters clubs. The 90s seemed to bring an influx of many supporters clubs but there were must have been a fair few knocking round before then. I know that a couple like the ESCLA one started mid 70s which must be one of the oldest independent ones...
  6. Big Neville Southall

    The Holy ground once more

    There was an Everton song to this in the 1960s does anyone know what any of our words were? Cheers.
  7. Big Neville Southall

    New Main Stand

    If Everton announced that they were to demolish the Main Stand and rebuild it with however much room you wanted for a single stand. If you had to pick another clubs stand to base it on which one would you go for? Plus what size would you go for?
  8. Big Neville Southall

    Under the Bridges of Paris

    Was there an old Everton song to this? If so, I'm guessing it would have started "How would you like to be...."?? It probably would have been anytime up to the early 80s if we done it. Thanks
  9. Big Neville Southall

    Singing Area for Wigan match

    GT4 LL-PP 092-097 Lower Gwladys St (all obstructed views). Tickets went on sale today to season ticket holders. The idea for these is that if you want to sing more, then when you start them off you know there are more people than normal likely to join in. That's about it really. Re...
  10. Big Neville Southall

    Singing/Standing Atmosphere for Oldham replay game

    There's usually a post on here every other week on this, so we're long overdue another post on it! If anyone wants us to be standing and singing more than usual, or maybe sing some different songs, then here's chance to do something about it yourself for the replay against Oldham. It's up...
  11. Big Neville Southall

    Liverpool Lou-old EFC song

    Would any of the older lads on here know what our words were to it? According to wikipedia the original was wrote 1974 so ours was probably done not long after then. Ta
  12. Big Neville Southall

    Singing Section info for AEK Athens match

    Sorry if someone's posted this already but here's the information for anyone interested in a singing section at Everton:- "After the successful trial of the singing areas for the Cup matches and home friendly last season, we will be doing this again for this coming season...
  13. Big Neville Southall

    Fulham match-singing area

    There's been a couple of posts on here regarding atmosphere and singing areas so for those who want to be singing more and don't want to be told to sit down by other fans at the the match. For the FA Cup match then against Fulham on Friday 27th Jan, we're encouraging those fans to get their...
  14. Big Neville Southall

    The Singing area for the Chelsea Cup match

    If anyone here is into the singing side of Everton then another singing/standing section has been planned for the Chelsea match in the Street End Block 4 LL-NN 101 to 104. The last one against West Brom had around 60 going and went very well. I know this isn't for everyone, but I thought I'd...
  15. Big Neville Southall

    New Songs

    There's been a few posts on here about the atmosphere not being upto much and there aren't many new songs coming through anymore compared our past output. Well I know this isn't for everyone but for those who are are pissed off with this there's a chance for you to do something about it...
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