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  1. AndyGray

    I liked it better when we had no money

    It was much easier to accept that we were playing badly and had crap players then.
  2. AndyGray

    Dublin Blues

    Is Murray’s still the place to watch the game with fellow Blues? /Andy
  3. AndyGray

    Att. NYC Blues

    I'll be streaming todays game in Mr. Dennehy's this morning if they allow me to. Have a gud un!
  4. AndyGray

    Einar Iversen ready for Everton

    16 year old Einar Iversen has been signed by Everton, writes TV 2. Iversen joins from Stord in Hordaland, Norway, and has been training with EFC for 2 years before signing a 2 year contract. He will be turning out for the U18s. "This is very exiting - I'll be moving on Saturday and are feeling...
  5. AndyGray

    88 years ago today

    Dean got his 60th goal in the 3-3 draw with Arsenal. Can't be many around who witnessed it - must have been magical
  6. AndyGray

    Flowers for Howard Kendall

    Sorry if already posted, but I thought we could try and do a fundraiser for some flowers for Howards funeral - if we get enough we could do a donation in his name to the former players foundation as well. I'm too old to know how this works, but I know you can set up an account online where...
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