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    20/21 season ticket renewals

    There may be an earlier thread on this somewhere, but I cannot see it. I rang the club 23rd June and they did not know what the new deadline date for renewal of season tickets would be. I looked on the website today, and there it is 30th July. I guess that is in anticipation of a 20/21 season...
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    News on Sandro Ramirez

    Stand by for action all those who claimed "there is a player in there somewhere" Your time may come again. Hopefully not too soon though.
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    Survey of Fans' opinions by Everton

    According to the Echo today, a survey has been sent to season ticket holders and members to gauge opinions on Everton. Has anyone received the survey? If this is for real, then what an opportunity for fans to say firmly but politely what they think of the direction Everton are taking regarding...
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