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  1. Michaelcoyb

    Why will our big deadline day transfer fail?

    On a day when we could be signing either Niasse, Bolanos or another player no one has heard of, Everton fans know there is a huge possibility of failure. What is the reason that you think Everton will do an "Everton" and mess the whole thing up?
  2. Michaelcoyb

    Attacking positions

    In our typical system, we have 4 attacking positions. LM, RM, CAM, ST. This window has seen us sign 3 more attacking players in Deulofeu, Lennon and Rodriguez. As well as potentially Cleverley, who can play in some of those positions. This complements the players we already have who can play...
  3. Michaelcoyb

    The Reason?

    I think moyes' lack of commitment to anything at all next season is having a negative effect on the players. I know if i was a player i would fume! Please come in, sit and discuss.
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