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    2019/20 Marcel Brands

    His 4th transfer window now and we're starting actual matches with two (terrible) right backs in the 11, a midfield of Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson, and banking on DCL to produce the goods up top.
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Heard lots of people on phone-ins still saying "we need to get rid of the dead wood", I don't see what good that will do when our transfer policy seems to be "buy dead wood"
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    Was Dunc right for hooking Kean?

    Can't believe the reaction to this, starting to think people have just been desperate for something to use to beat Duncan "what's he even doing as a coach?" Ferguson with and are desperately grasping onto this as he's gave them nothing else to complain about in the two matches he's managed...
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    Who could potentially replace Martinez?

    Phil Neville
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