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  1. Stan Lee Park

    Something we can be proud of - Everton in the Community

    Just got back from the Christmas party in the Park End lounge for Pass on the Memories (Dementia & Alzheimer's support) and Stand Together (support for older isolated people). One hundred and fifty and people sitting down to a Christmas dinner, live entertainment and numerous raffles, all...
  2. Stan Lee Park

    Lille Tickets - Box Office Fiasco

    Just called the box office today to check when I can collect tickets for the Lille game which I bought on Monday. Amazingly they told me that the tickets had already been collected. This means that the box office have given away my tickets to somebody - they have no idea who that might be - and...
  3. Stan Lee Park

    The Missing Thousands

    In the first half last night we played some of the best football seen at Goodison for years; we are in the top four; unbeaten; lots of exciting players coveted by other clubs; crowd starting to really get behind the team. And yet, we still can't manage to anywhere near fill the ground for any...
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