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  1. hippopotamus

    Confirmed Signing Robin Olsen

    I guess it means Virginia needs some competition.
  2. hippopotamus

    Pau Lopez

    He certainly is.
  3. hippopotamus

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    By "this season" you mean 1 game?
  4. hippopotamus

    2020/21 Moise Kean

    If Juve won't pay real money he'll stay. Loan with no obligation to buy would be absolutely pointless.
  5. hippopotamus

    Transfer Rumour Fikayo Tomori

    He is one of the quickest central defenders in world football.
  6. hippopotamus

    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    Some people are so desperate to debunk fake ITK who don’t even pretend to be ITK. That’s weird.
  7. hippopotamus

    Wools - Why are you an Evertonian?

    I have no idea really. I know it was a big mistake but it's too late now.
  8. hippopotamus

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Give them both and don't take Hojberg.
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