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    Would what your view of Allardyce be?

    Should be out the door the second we are safe. Nine of this wasting half the summer getting a replacement in and letting him assess squad. We need a full overhaul plan in place as soon as the final whistle blows on the last day of the season.
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    Homepage Update: Everton v Crystal Palace Sat 10/2, 15.00

    That decision to bring Schneiderlin on over tosun beggars belief. There really is something wrong upstairs in our club when the last three permanent managers we have had are more clueless and inept than most Sunday league managers I've met.
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    Homepage Update: Everton v Crystal Palace Sat 10/2, 15.00

    Martina the magician never doubted him for a minute
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    Match Thread Arsenal 5-1 Everton

    Apart from snide and Martina I'm happy enough with that line up. Plenty of pace to counter and I'd rather we didn't risk Coleman so quickly after Wednesday recovery is an important part of modern football
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    We could finish anywhere from 7th - 18th: Europa a no-no?

    Avoid it like the plague absolute curse of a competition
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    cautious positivity

    Last night hopefully steers us clear of relegation. Wake me up in July for pre season when hopefully this whole terrible mess of a season can be forgotten.
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    2017/18 Tom Davies

    He gives us the energy we need in midfield has to start ahead of that waste of space schneiderlin every time
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    Match Thread Everton v Leicester Wed 31 Jan, 19:45

    Normal service has resumed ffs
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    Match Thread Everton v Leicester Wed 31 Jan, 19:45

    If only we had invested say £27 million on a striker who could finish from point blank range
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    Everton. I hate you.

    I always laughed at this thread but the last 24 hours have turned me to the dark side. I really struggle to think of anything positive about the club at the minute.
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    Lookman loan to RB Leipzig

    Sam really does want to be in a relegation scrap doesn't he? Pathetic but nothing surprises me anymore with this absolute shambles of a club.
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    2017/18 Seamus Coleman

    Totally agree footballers wages are disgusting was just making the comparison between what Coleman is making compared to others that clearly don't give a toss about the club
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    2017/18 Seamus Coleman

    Just read on another thread he is (only) on £38k a week. Gutted for him when you see how much the rest of the over paid primadonnas are on that dont give a flying duck about our club.
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    Homepage Update: Sandro makes Sevilla switch

    Correct me if I'm wrong but his last act in an Everton shirt was scoring his first goal for us. Then we bin him off and never give him another chance???? This club is an absolute mess from top to bottom.
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    matchgoers deadline day fume

    Feel bad for you not having a mobile phone in 2018
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    Homepage Update: Sandro makes Sevilla switch

    I'd say there is a very good chance he will given the chances sevilla create
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    2017/18 Sandro Ramirez

    Absolute disgrace that we are letting this talented young lad go without giving him a decent run in the team especially considering the absolute dross that we have fielded this year. I really am struggling to find anything I like about Everton this year. Complete overhaul required
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    Homepage Update: Sandro makes Sevilla switch

    Absolute disgrace the way we have treated this young lad. Had about 5 chances created for him in 15 games. Complete waste of talent. Good luck back in Spain!
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    2017/18 Morgan Schneiderlin

    Please please be true
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    Homepage Update: "The manager has been brilliant for me"

    I wonder if he brings an apple in for bfs in the morning.
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