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  1. gorgeousgeorgeEFC

    Marco: should he stay or should he go?

    I couldn’t make it to today’s match but my nephew said there were murmurings of discontent coming from many of the denizens of the Main Stand this afternoon. He said that some of them were even calling for Marco to be sacked. Should he be sacked after two wins in six matches (one in five in the...
  2. gorgeousgeorgeEFC

    The atmosphere at Goodison

    I really hope the atmosphere at Goodison will be better this season than it has been in recent seasons. I know the "12th man" term that players regularly use is a bit of a cliche, but our players really do seem to perform better when we're vocally supportive of them. Conversely, when we get on...
  3. gorgeousgeorgeEFC


    I noticed that many supporters actually booed our players during the match today, with some even going as far as to shout abuse at them. The journalist who interviewed Sam after the match also picked up on this development. He asked Sam about it and Sam said the following: “I have no problem...
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