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    Match Thread Arsenal v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We lost... but my positivity is back.. last year we would have shut up shop and gone for a draw...we didn’t and that’s Carlos effect...I mean we have a better manager and we have cash, new stadium on the way, a fan base that has had so much crap and still turn up..and to be honest don’t have...
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    2019/20 Richarlison

    In my opinion having a top tier manager for a young player is massive.. we may get bids for him but at this stage he is a good place, in the prem, a team making positive steps and a class manager
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    It’s all about distribution, Nike, puma and Adidas have their own global retail In addition to club shops covering all corners of the globe. Having Umbro, Hummel etc is the opposite with a weak supply chain, fulfilment and distribution. It might look great and be nostalgic but we will make f-all...
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    This is my lowest point in supporting Everton

    Taking this one on the chin, for a couple of reasons. It shows the owners how badly we have been managed/recruited/directed and also shows what needs to be done..it’s not money it’s professionalism. We have been a grave yard for ‘the next big maybe’ and the over the hill journeymen. just Zero...
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    A manager that knows what he is doing and quietly "taking care of business" sometimes I think owners, CEO’s etc, over complicate and try and be to clever
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Made up with Carlo, more a symbolic "we’re here" statement than anything else... he will need help building a team as it’s not his wheel house.. but the amount of money that’s going to be pumped into the whole project, getting him what he needs to succeed shouldn’t be an issue...plus who doesn’t...
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    Was Dunc right for hooking Kean?

    If you get paid what these guys get, if you have fought as hard as they have to get to this level... if a hooking after 20 mins breaks them, Jesus wept. He will be fine, might even be the making of him
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    Carlo Ancelotti

    Odd one as he is not known as a developer or rebuilder, more of a taking a good team to great. We have the bones to build on and maybe he fancies a recruitment challenge and build his own squad. Hell of a ride if his hearts in it Also a name that attracts a player a tier above some rookie.
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We are not managed well, recruitment on the pitch is rubbish it’s an expected loss....it’s just painful as it’s them. But move on you will live longer
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We just got beat by the best team in Europe.ffs this game was a write off .. move on
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Mate we got beat..simple as
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    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Got beat, move on...pound for pound a better team right now
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    New Stadium Discussion

    No why would I. Losing the will to live here..... nobody will grant/give/donate or finance a project of this size until certain conditions are met..it will have a contingency plan. The first thing investors will look at, do u have planning permission, that includes surveys
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    New Stadium Discussion

    What? Do you understand how project finance works...need a base level here. You posted a "I know everything what’s going on" sound bite ...dude this is the basics
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Well... surveys, design, architecture, land acquisition/ alienation...I really could go on and on here...the cost so far will be a hefty sum
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Utter rot...having planning permission increases the value, even if moshiri was going to sell the club the application would go in. The expensive part of the application has already been done, u are talking utter tripe
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    Duncan Ferguson - The Coach

    Sad thing is I think I could post that on (maybe 5)threads on the front page..peoples mediocrity club... we have no teeth.
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    Duncan Ferguson - The Coach

    Can we not clamour for our exes, have some professionalism, fed up with the jobs for the boys and old school tie club.. it’s been a bloody huge investment from the owner who doesn’t want to rock the boat (damn coward). Keep ties with the community etc....it’s time get the best people in. Fed up...
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    Would you take Moyes?

    I don’t want a bandaid manager...most of what’s thrown forward is tripe.. Benitez is a solid manager but not the right manager imo. We need to spread the net far and wide..I believe wenger was recruited from the j league ..we need to be thinking of a culture change, moyes Benitez fat Sam Hughes...
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