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    Your pre-game rituals

    Ahead of the first home game of the season (boooo, these are [Poor language removed] Everton FFS, PASS IT FORWARDS etc), I thought I'd ask what people like to do before attending goodison. Do you drive over and have people mind your car? In the Thomas Frost for 9am for a pint with breakfast? Chips and curry...
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    Who do you hate the most?

    I believe you should be able to hate people equally intensely so I've offered multiple options. Its illegal to hate cheese on toast in any circumstances and thus it's not been offered as an option. Sorry in advance if I've left anyone out, I'm sure I have!
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    Masters and Puppets

    I visited Westminster Abbey over the weekend, and there was a room there that had peoples' names on some extremely posh looking seats and also on a small printed sign that detailed the names and some date ranges next to each. These date ranges were, for example, 01/07/2017 - 01/12/2018...
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