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  1. Aries

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Numerous articles from Italy saying the same this morning. We’ve heard it all before though and there’s no way we’ve either got, 40 million euros or willing to pay it. It’ll be far less than that surely otherwise this deal just isn’t happening.
  2. Aries

    Everton Unveil New 20/21 Kit

  3. Aries

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Personally I’d say it was to force through a move to us. He made that request on the eve of the window closing, and we were the only ones bidding. Arsenal had already dropped out weeks prior after dropping 70 million on Pepe for the winger role. Unless there were other options that never made it...
  4. Aries

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Morning: Everton offers 38 million for Allan, operation close The distance is now minimal: a couple of millions dance. For some time the Brazilian has an agreement with Ancelotti for a three-year period at 4.7 million per season
  5. Aries

    New Stadium Discussion

  6. Aries

    New Stadium Discussion

    Maybe the planning permission has already been granted, but the club are holding it back until big Red clinch the title before unleashing the good news..
  7. Aries

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Paul Joyce follows the Esk
  8. Aries

    New Stadium Discussion

    Speak of the devil, first to pop up with a negative take on the Echo’s article. What a massive surprise!
  9. Aries

    New Stadium Discussion

    Who is this blurt? Blue tick and everything
  10. Aries

    2019/20 Mason Holgate

    It’s already started, look above.
  11. Aries

    2019/20 Lucas Digne

    Baines at 35 has come in for a few games and still looked twice the player. Baines should have retained his place no question. Put him back in for the Derby.
  12. Aries

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Barkley was abysmal last night. That goal literally came out of nowhere and saved him a lot of flack. The Chelsea fans were on his back as everything he touched turned to sh!t. You can’t develop a brain no matter how much experience you gain.
  13. Aries

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Outstanding. Best years ahead of him too so plenty of improvement to come. That DCL/Richarlison partnership is a huge handful for any defence. With Kean waiting in the wings for his chance too a striker is definitely not needed in the summer. Much more pressing areas to spend our budget.
  14. Aries

    2019/20 Michael Keane

    Looked much more defensively solid today with Keane there instead of Mina.
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