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  1. TX Tiburon

    Pivital Moment/Play of the Year

    Thinking back across the season I decided to pick out what I thought be the pivotal moment in the season. I am sure that you might have others. For me.... it was in the first league match with the RedMancs at Goodison. We had been in a putrid way early in the season up to that match and this...
  2. TX Tiburon

    If you were at the Villa game...

    Was Mr. T. in attendance? If not, I find it suspicious that that AvDM was there. Has anyone seen them in the same location at the same time?
  3. TX Tiburon

    Neves - a long-shot link

    Setanta weakly mentions Everton as interested in Thiago Neves', attacking midfielder in the Brazilian olympic squad. Citeh is in the driver's seat. Chances are we aren't even chasing and were just tossed into the article. But... for your edification...
  4. TX Tiburon

    Tiago Anyone?

    I can barely bring myself to start this thread am so tired of the speculation but.... I couldn't help myself. Tiago, new interest from England for for the midfielder 12.08.2008, 18:13 The Juventus midfielder, Tiago, after refusing...
  5. TX Tiburon

    Fernandes transfer details

    Has there been any reliable information concerning a first right of refusal, purchase price in Fernandes' loan? It seems that we all knew the details in the Pineaar deal but I am not aware of the Manny details. Apologies if I missed this discussion already - my search didn't catch it. The...
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