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  1. Flynnthistle

    David Moyes interview.

    As it says on the tin. A very good interview with David Moyes with a long old chat about his time here. Of note is he just stopped short of calling Collina a cheating rat. Just. Really good listen, the Everton chat begins about 26mins, I enjoyed the whole thing. Apologies if posted in the...
  2. Flynnthistle

    McFadden at Everton

    An interesting watch as James talks about his two spells at the club. Most won't have seen it as it's a recent Simon Ferry interview. It's a good watch and quite insightful on life as an Everton player under Moyes.
  3. Flynnthistle

    Bilyaletdinov's struggles at Everton From about 33.40mins (it only lasts a minute or so) Garry O'Connor talks about his time at Locomotiv Moscow. He talks openly about what appears to be blood doping, albeit he is too stupid to realise what he is actually describing is exactly...
  4. Flynnthistle

    Getting to lime street station

    Guys looking for advice, a group of us are coming down from glasgow to the game vs villa on the 1st. We have to be on a train leaving lime street at 17.40 to get home, couldn't get a later one as we usually do... Is this even possible? Could a taxi be a possibility? We are in the park end...
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