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  1. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Anthony Gordon

    I agree with your description of Davies. I too would love him to succeed and yes, I have always enjoyed seeing a home grown player develop. But Davies seriously lacks pace which will hold him back for sure. Worryingly I also think he loses concentration quite often during the game. Let’s hope...
  2. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Fabian Delph

    No chance he’s going to stay fit for 9 games. 3 maximum then his hammy goes.
  3. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Morgan Schneiderlin

    Six months? His first six games more like. The bloke is a coward. No question.
  4. EnglishRoundabout

    Neville Southall and other goalkeepers

    It’s 50 years to ago today that the great Gordon Banks pulled off that wonder save from Pele’s header in the Mexico World Cup. Looking back on a montage of Neville’s saves before the last home match at Goodison in March, there were some as good if not better than that save. For a big guy, Nev...
  5. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    Just can’t see it. Pickford will be our goalkeeper for the foreseeable.
  6. EnglishRoundabout

    Homepage Article Lukaku: “I owe Everton so much”

    He was poor in the air. Watching highlights of Royle and Gray in the Winslow.....proper brilliant in the air....
  7. EnglishRoundabout

    Homepage Article Lukaku: “I owe Everton so much”

    But wasn’t it great to see his rubbish performance on his return to Goodison? Oh how I laughed!
  8. EnglishRoundabout

    Homepage Article Lukaku: “I owe Everton so much”

    I remember sat in my seat at one game at Goodison, seething about Lukaku. It was against Hull City. His body language was poor, he appeared to be complaining to his colleagues at every missed placed pass, and his first touch and general play in that particular match was dire. He’d also...
  9. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Theo Walcott

    Remember at school the lad who was dead keen to join in, but was always picked last and could never kick, trap or kick a ball properly? Step forward Theo Walcott.
  10. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    I actually think he’s a natural keeper. Very talented and although I’ve never seen him in training, I bet he’d make a decent outfield player too. He’s been inconsistent this season with his kicking, but when he’s on his game the range and accuracy of his kicking is second to none. His...
  11. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Michael Keane

    Agreed. Tammy Abrahams easily brushed him aside also.
  12. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Got a feeling Carlo will be saying to Moise that he’s going to be starting the next 10 games. Surely this is the way forward for this lad now.
  13. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Yep, totally agree. Being the type of bloke he is,I’d place a little bet on it that he already knows. He’s allegedly watched Everton’s last 4 matches. He needn’t have watched 4......the last one made it abundantly clear.
  14. EnglishRoundabout

    Match Thread Everton v Burnley - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Two big bullies up front for Burnley worries me a bit. Can Holgate, and or Mina/Keane handle them? Not so sure.
  15. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Tom Davies

    Sadly, despite my fondness for a home grown player being in our first team, I don’t thing he’s good enough. The glaringly obvious thing for me is his alarming lack of pace. Lack of pace will always hold a player back unless they posses incredible nous and awareness. Tom sometimes struggles to...
  16. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    Howard was at fault on numerous occasions for goals against us during his last season. He was rapidly becoming a bit of a pantomime character he was that bad. The ironic cheers from the Gwaldys Street End when he caught a cross were becoming louder.....
  17. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Interesting that Ancelotti has said “ we must stay together “. He obviously recognised the roasting that Keane, Sigurdsson, Tosun and Davies got during yesterday’s game ( and the one Iwobi was about to get before he went off injured) He probably needs to hear the full quota when Schniderlin and...
  18. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Everton fans patient with the manager?? Not a chance. I’m not a fan of Michael Keane for example ( never have been), but he’s been utterly destroyed of confidence by those same Everton fans who were bigging him up last season. He’s terrified of the ball coming to him now. If we were to lose...
  19. EnglishRoundabout

    Carlo Ancelotti

    Wow....500 pages! Let’s hope there’s some kind of celebratory announcement made on this page! Maybe Duncan will say something informative about Ancelotti’s appointment during his presser at 1.30.
  20. EnglishRoundabout

    2019/20 Michael Keane

    Yes they were though. Many many people were. To me, he always looked shaky. Never ever comfortable on the ball ( I used to read many on here saying what a good passer he was), and never ever good/ commanding in the air. Something that I’ve also said many times is his lack of upper body strength...
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