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  1. Chris

    Cody Arnoux

    Soccer Insider - Arnoux to England Apparently he arrived last night. Never heard of him or seen anything about him. Player Bio: Cody Arnoux - WAKE FOREST OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE 17 goals in 24 games last year. In America.
  2. Chris

    UEFA.. Kiss of death?

    I saw Neville this week(before Wigan game) has said he thinks we're in with a chance of getting a UEFA cup spot if we keep on getting results. I read that with mixed feelings. I mean sure, if we absolutely pull our tripe out yet again and do actually qualify for UEFA yet again, where will...
  3. Chris

    What player are we missing now?

    Let's say we play for the rest of the season like we did against man u second half. It IS possible that this might be the case, we'll find out against Bolton I suppose. But let's just dream that this is now us, we've clicked, the players are settling in and are understanding each other...
  4. Chris

    Who can't handle it?

    Who is Moyes on about here exactly? I have my suspicions that he means Yobo and Hibbert. However I'd say he is digging for a bit more. Maybe he knows something is on the cards? If its true that his contract was held up because he wanted a clause inserted that he was to be there even if...
  5. Chris

    Normal Beige Camozzato right back

    He was fantastic last night an absolute gem. I really hope Moyes noticed too. I looked at Hibbo and felt like a kid that had dunlop trainees staring at the latest Nike trainers on the rich kid. Get him Moyes. Whatever it takes!
  6. Chris

    Arteta doesn't perform in big games

    Why not? I can't figure it out. He seemed to play all over the pitch last night but never really did anything other than lift the ball over a player for Pienaar to run on to. His set play was woeful too(again). I was biting my finger nails when we got that last corner last night. Then...
  7. Chris

    Horrible little mercenary

    Nobody had even bloody heard of him till the other month. Now he is touting his ass to anyone that will listen. Manchester United Football Club:£12million ace would snub Arsenal for United - FansFC
  8. Chris

    ossie on ss1 in a minute. player profile or something

    if anyone interested...
  9. Chris

    Finch Farm

    Anyone got any pictures of Finch farm? I've read the book thing they brought out ages ago when it was semi-finished and I drive the M57 on workdays (you can see FF in the distance from the flyover). I've never seen any decent pictures of the place though. Cal etc, got any you can post up?
  10. Chris

    who is preferred?

    Osman or Pienaar? People are saying if we sign SWP (or any other midfielder) then Osman will make way for Pienaar to stay in the side when he is fit again. I'll be honest, I'd take Ossie over Pienaar everyday of the week. He is more inventive, holds the balls better, is very dangerous in...
  11. Chris

    Moyes : "When it happens, it’s going to be big.”

    Moyes still confident Moutinho will arrive at Everton Monday 18 August 2008 - 17:05:08 - Click to post or view Everton coach David Moyes is still insisting that some big names are going to arrive before the close of the transfer window, and not just one either! “I’m not changing,” he...
  12. Chris


    Kasper Schmeical anyone? He's just turned down 2m a year pay deal, but is he better than Turner or Ruddy? I personally think he'd be a great signing and will flourish in 2-3 years, perfect timing and backup for Howard. On the other hand Turner and Ruddy ain't that bad, just...
  13. Chris

    Arteta on Spain and Transfers Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta hopes this will be the year he is called up for the Spanish national team. Arteta has missed out on an international call-up so far, and had to watch his compatriots win the Euro...
  14. Chris


    Moyes is apparently after Milito at the top of his hit list. If he gets his man, Johnson can leave. If he doesn't get Mil then apparently Bent is next on his list. Why doesn't he go all out for Roque Santa Cruz? This man is dynamite in front of goal. Better than anyone else mentioned as a...
  15. Chris

    Stadium Naming Rights Thoughts? 67.5m over 15 years is not so bad for Umbro Stadium...
  16. Chris

    JJB closes 72 stores. 800 job cuts.

    So Bruce :D What does that mean for us, bearing in mind that last year we outsourced all our retail stuff to them?
  17. Chris

    Manny vs Derby

    Started alongside Carsley, but actually all of the 1st half was playing behind Carsley. He had a sizeable titty lip. He performed ok. Lost the ball twice by trying to take 2 touches when given an awkward bouncing ball, but most of the time was delivered absolute suicide balls from Neville so...
  18. Chris

    Kroldrup...even he agrees he was crap.
  19. Chris

    Watson Burton Not exactly exciting(unless you run a counterfeit shirt market stall etc) but Everton related.
  20. Chris


    "To be 3-0 down after about 30 minutes was not nice," Holden told evertonTV. "But I thought some of the boys showed a great reaction to what was going on and we came away with a little bit of respect with a 4-2 defeat. "It was end to end stuff and their goalkeeper made saves and ours...
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