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  1. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Doubt it will. Most of the comments seem to like the punch & the media won't touch it as they know it's not him. If he wants to win today he drops another insta vid of him doing some boxing training to go along with his recent work out vids.
  2. Stephen Gibson

    Transfer Rumour Gabriel (Lille)

    Are there any Morrisons in Ireland?
  3. Stephen Gibson

    Transfer Rumour Gabriel (Lille)

    @Blue Cally If if if if if if IF this turns out to be true then i salute you good sir for bringing news like this to us. Carry on.
  4. Stephen Gibson

    Household items that also describe Everton players past and present

    I'm wondering how many of you I've influenced today into typing 'Whitney Houston poo spoon' or words to that effect into your search engines today?
  5. Stephen Gibson

    Household items that also describe Everton players past and present

    Sigurdsson is like the spoon that ended up the ass of Whitney Houston when she was off her face & constipated & tried to scoop the poop out. Once a good spoon but never to be used again.
  6. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Leighton Baines.

    Sad but it's the right time. If we want to move forward as a club then we can't do that standing still. One of my absolute favourite players I've had the pleasure of watching. The anticipation of what's to come when he was standing over freekicks a few seasons back was rivalled & bettered only...
  7. Stephen Gibson

    New Stadium Discussion

    Was there anything else other than seats? From my learnings off here i gather that technical plans involve the true placement & costings of things like electricals, plumbing & waste etc which seems like it only started more recently. I only ask because we not long got rid of "I've never been...
  8. Stephen Gibson

    New Stadium Discussion

    Am i right in thinking the money side of things won't get signed off until planning has officially been passed? Also, for those of us clueless on this, does anyone know how long in general it takes or at least what the process is of turning an architects vision into a costed technical plan...
  9. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    This is typical Sigurdsson. He has an ok ish performance & gets an assist from a dead ball situation in every 8-10 games or so (dunno the stats, made a guess) & when he does it pulls the wool over the eyes of some who still believe there is a player in there. In every other game except for when...
  10. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Djibril Sidibe

    In the first half Gomes pinged several balls out wide to him when being pressed. Every time he got his head down & pushed forward with the ball. I like this side of him but defensively he is weak. Pros & cons. Let's spend our money on someone who can do both.
  11. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Tom Davies

    He tried hard today & the attitude was certainly there but the decision making in our defensive area was at times extremely sketchy & ran us into several problems. The lad just isnt good enough sadly.
  12. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    Credit wear it's due, that was a much improved performance.
  13. Stephen Gibson

    2019/20 Jarrad Branthwaite

    Young lad, dodgy start but grew into the game well & ended up being an overall solid performance. Same again on the last game & his preseason will be a lot more relaxing for him in terms of nerves.
  14. Stephen Gibson

    Match Thread Sheffield United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    A quality player has a quality moment. We are still crap though.
  15. Stephen Gibson

    Match Thread Sheffield United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Still can't string passes together outside of our defensive third. We are crap.
  16. Stephen Gibson

    Evertons Player of the season

    Whoever decided to put the opposition in a portacabin.
  17. Stephen Gibson

    Match Thread Everton v Aston Villa (Thursday 16 July 18:00) - MotM Poll

    I really hope the players are arguing & shouting at eachother in the dressing room. I doubt it though as that lifeline last min goal will be enough for most of them. In thier eyes it will keep the vultures at bay & look deserving of thier enormous paychecks. I'm beyond booing them. Bin the lot.
  18. Stephen Gibson

    Transfer Rumour Allan

    If Ancelotti wants him then i trust the decision. Not many i trust at the moment regarding transfers at our club.
  19. Stephen Gibson

    What's the plan? (Part 2)

    I genuinely think our players have forgotten the basics. How to play a simple pass to feet, how to contol a simple pass to feet, how to move into space to receive a simple pass to feet, how to move simple passing forward as a team, how to keep your position, how to communicate to your teammates...
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