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  1. dannyboy

    Warm Weather Training

    Where will they be off to this year then? Dubai seems to be a firm favourite with the lads. Wherever it is I hope they have a great time and get the rest they all very much need/deserve. Worked wonders for us last year.
  2. dannyboy

    The Crushing of Evertonian Spirits

    I really don't think I've felt at a lower ebb following this club. I know it's hyperbole but it's absolutely killing me tonight. Sam Allardyce and Sammy Lee in the dugout A fortune spent on mediocre players who clearly have no pride in the club No trophy in 23 years No memorable performance...
  3. dannyboy

    Match Thread Spurs v Everton Sat 17:30

    Anyone bothered? Me neither, but I suppose by 5 o'clock on Saturday I'll have perked up a bit of interest. It would be proper Everton to go and win this game. We tend to respond quite well to derby defeats and Spurs have been very hit and miss so far at Wembley. After a promising start under...
  4. dannyboy

    Weather Watch

    If that weather forecast is true then there's no chance this game goes ahead. Pitch will be fine but the surrounding areas will be chaos. I am very comfortable with this outcome.
  5. dannyboy

    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Sunday 10th December

    I was the grand old age of 9 when we last won at Anfield. I remember loving/hating every single minute as I followed the game on teletext - not sure why I didn't listen on the radio, possibly because even as a kid I was clued up enough to know John Aldridge was there to be despised. If only I...
  6. dannyboy

    The 'defence'

    I know we are absolutely desperate for a striker but I am starting to think a whole new defence is possibly more important. Individually and collectively we are an absolute mess. Williams/Jagielka are two of the worst centre halves in the league. Keane looks terrified/lost. Baines (the least...
  7. dannyboy

    Centre Halves

    Cannot wait to get a new pair. Absolutely bang average the pair of them. Give us no platform to build on. When we signed Williams I thought we were getting a man mountain that carries the team forward, just completely the opposite. He's barely in the game. They absolutely killed us today...
  8. dannyboy

    Martinez Slams Mike Jones’ “Unacceptable” Performance

    You know when there's been a huge chunk of stopping time and the referee usually can't wait to blow their whistle bang on when that allotted time is up? Absolutely mad how he refused to end the game. He had at least three chances to. He was absolutely desperate for that little bit of extra drama.
  9. dannyboy

    20 years...

    For a club of our standing it's a LONG time without a trophy now. Anyone belonging to my generation would do well to remember us lifting any silverware, the worst part is that you'd have to be an optimist to see that changing any time soon. I feel like a huge problem is the mentality of the...
  10. dannyboy

    Transfer Window Assessment

    Positives: £27.5m for Fellaini is a brilliant deal. Lukaku will give us a much needed presence up top. Negatives: Overpaid on McCarthy. Loan signings aren't the answer when trying to build a winning team. Fellaini money will vanish into thin air come January. How's everyone...
  11. dannyboy

    Moyes Appreciation Thread 02-13

    I know there's a ton of other Moyes threads but I think it's more than fitting that there should be one to thank the man for everything he's done over the past 11 years. As a kid who grew up during the 90s I knew hardly anything but heartache when it came to Everton, we were truly awful, a...
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