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    Watched an old Everton match yesterday, I hope this squad did too.

    Just flicked on SKY yesterday after the F1 had finished and they were showing a full rerun of the 2012 game with Man Utd at old trafford, an end of season game United needed to win to secure the title. Was only going to watch it for 10 minutes but became enthralled by it, even though I knew the...
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    My favorite Christmas pressie ever as a kid........almost asked the Mrs for a set this year lol God I would have loved this set up when we had our league going!!!
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    So you're now in charge. What would you do for the remaining games?

    The board sack Silva tomorrow and then think outside the box. They say we're not spending any more this season on unproven rubbish. The fans seem to have a lot to say so let one of them put up or shut up. Let's have a raffle and the winner takes the team through to May (I'd be in the draw by...
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    Funny things that happened following the blues as a kid.

    Got some great memories of walking freezing through Anfield cemetery to the match with all the other blokes on a Saturday afternoon, paying respects to my Grandad en route, then grabbing me bag of chips in Goodison Road for the long walk back up Cherry Lane, then picking up the Footie Echo and...
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