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    Your 'ITK' Thread

    Did Brands mention this possible signing to Carlo Ancelotti by any chance?
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    Jonjoe Kenny

    Treble that and you might be right, but I hope Everton are sensible and keep him.
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    2019/20 Cenk Tosun

    Can’t see anyone rushing to buy him at the moment, he isn’t going to be fit until November, and even after November there won’t be many in the queue.
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    Yes, we won a title this season

    Most of the fouls were accidental with our players just trying to get out of the way of the ball!!
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    Message of motivation to the team

    Good post chrismpw, what these players need to to show is some integrity, intellectual honesty the difference between right and wrong, the way they pick up their I’ll earned money just can’t be right but they continue to do it without any thought or conscience to their actions. The quicker most...
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    2019/20 Cenk Tosun

    “ A load of crap” We’ll that’s what the man said, Walsh, heard it with my own ears.
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    2019/20 Cenk Tosun

    To be honest, Walsh at the AGM at the Philarmonic Hall, just after Allardyce had joined the club, said. “ Both me and the manager have to agree that the player is right for the club, if either of us say no then the player will not be signed” Seems like if Allardyce wasn’t sure of Tosun he...
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    What does Everton FC mean to you

    You sound a lot like me mate, the things I’ve done to watch the Blues, hitched hiked, bunking on trains, borrowing when I needed the money for more important and necessary things, losing jobs, they were [Poor language removed] anyway to be honest, and at the end of the day feeling miserable ten times more than I...
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    Reasons to be cheerful: can we start enjoying this?

    You carry on enjoying Everton, do your daughter a favour, wean her off the Blues, carry on buying her loads of dolls, she’ll be happier, a lot happier. Oh and by the way, City will have no interest in Gordon, but could have in Holgate.!!
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Yes never understood why that goal was disallowed, but notice the Liverpool players putting their hands up and appealing right away, referees seemed to listen a lot to Liverpool appeals and turn a deaf ear to any from us.
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Possibly, but not the 1966 World Cup maybe the 1970 one.
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    Old Everton Pictures

    I think it was Geoff Hurst who came in for Greavsie, Greavsie was better than Roger Hunt as a footballer, but Hunt was used as a workhorse and his running off the ball, taking defenders away from the ball. Bob Paisley said Hunt playing in the World Cup was England’s gain and Liverpool’s loss, he...
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    2019/20 Richarlison

    Well Calvin Lewin scored 13 in the league and 2 in the cup the same as Richarlison and with the same midfield so where does that leave him.
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    Carlo Ancelotti: 'Deadwood, mismanagement & a total rebuild' - is this his biggest challenge?

    If it didn’t enter your head,which I believe, why apologise. Massive difference between driftwood and what went up in Beirut.
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Andy might have scored, I know Brian Kidd got one of them, but Andy never got sent off, Gary Stanley did along with McDermott.
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    Sergio Reguilon

    Has there ever been a genuine bid for Richarlison?
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    What does Everton FC mean to you

    I’ll take Pickford’s cock up at Anfield, in the last minute of the game, to my grave, well I’m getting cremated but you know what I mean.
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    What does Everton FC mean to you

    Brilliant that mate, especially looking after your brother at the cup final, got to say though that the snide who sold you the ticket deserved a few good smacks.
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    What does Everton FC mean to you

    At your age I understand how you feel like that, you most probably have never seen them win anything, hopefully you’ve got plenty of crazy winning trophies to look forward to, as bleak as it looks now.
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Yes, very much describes him, also with a goal or two in him, plus a good organiser.
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