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  1. Rook

    Off to Goodison

    I'm off to England tomorrow to see my bro in London and have an excuse to come to Goddison. I got a ticket Villa match and might go to the Wolves away match as well. Any suggestions for pubs pre and post match? I got a seat in Park End which I heard is the best place to watch the match.
  2. Rook

    Sunday's matches

    WH 2-0 up. :lol: Great great goal by Parker earlier. Suarez already kicking his Liverpool career with a dive and little else.
  3. Rook


    Has Arteta ever missed one? Why isn't he our penalty taker now that he's back. I pretty much knew Yak was going to miss it which actually didn't bother me that much because I really don't think it was a pen. He's supposed to be this great pen taker because he can hit the ball so hard however...
  4. Rook

    Player Ratings

    Howard - 8 Saved the match for us in the dying minutes. We are lucky to have him given the sorry state of goal keeping in the prem. Baines 5.5 Decent penalty take but think a good keeper could have stopped it. Didn't notice him doing much else though. Distin 7?? - not sure how to rate his...
  5. Rook

    Here we go again..

    Wenger targets £12m Arteta to fill Fábregas gap from the Arsenal's pursuit of a creative midfielder to reignite their title challenge has prompted Arsène Wenger to target the Everton playmaker Mikel Arteta, with the Frenchman prepared to break with tradition and spend a...
  6. Rook

    Cool Stat

    I got this from the guardian Eric Cantona is the fastest to 50 assists since football began, in 1992, having done so in 96 games. And the second-fastest in 99 matches? Not Henry, Cole, Bergkamp, Giggs or Lyttle, but Mikel Arteta.
  7. Rook

    We aren't alone

    From COPPELL BLASTS `TERROR` CLATTENBURG Posted 29/03/08 18:30 EmailPrintSave Reading manager Steve Coppell accused referee Mark Clattenburg of a Jekyll-and-Hyde performance in the goalless draw with Blackburn. Reading midfielder Marek Matejovsky was sent off after...
  8. Rook


    Cahill season could be over Andy Hunter and Ewan Murray Tuesday March 25, 2008 The Guardian Everton fear their influential midfielder Tim Cahill could miss the rest of the season with a recurrence of a metatarsal injury after the Australian international limped out of Saturday's draw...
  9. Rook


    I've heard these stories on the radio the other day. Anyone know if they are true. JC grew up as a Evertonian and 90% of his family are Evertonians. He only wears a long sleeve shirt because he has an Everton crest tattooed on his arm. One time he got piss drunk at a pub and started to...
  10. Rook

    Will Hibbo be our friend? His mood is nervous, and he's gutted that Faddy has left. He needs some friends , will you add him?
  11. Rook

    Szetela to Everton?

    Szetela Likely to Move Soon by Greg Seltzer - August 27, 2007 According to his representation, hot transfer topic Danny Szetela appears set to make the jump from Columbus to one of his European suitors by the time the transfer window slams shut on Friday...
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