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    ...and the goal of the month award goes to...…...

    ...Surridge,of the RS. No surprise there,then…….
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    Would you take Zlatan for a season?

    Older and more goals productive than Rooney...but would you. Discuss sensibly....
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    New board member

    Denise Barret-Baxendale. Who?
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    Would you take a chance on Ravel Morrison for 15k a week?

    Well...would you ?
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    Sky on demand

    Sky have announced a dedicated on demand channel for every Premier league club....effectively an all Everton channel on the telly. Has this started yet?
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    Open day

    Anyone been able to get to this? Its all over SSN throughout the day. Another great high profile PR gig for the club?
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    Premier League Squad...will any senior players miss out?

    25 players to be named by 5 oclock today. Under 21s don't count towards total. Is anyone likely to miss out? Is Lukaku 20 or 21? Barkley still under 21 ? Any thoughts ?
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    The pitch

    Anyone who was at the game today...any comments on the new playing surface which is supposed to have 'some artificial elements'. Did the ball move faster across the pitch..was the bounce any different...did it make control easier or more difficult? In the 'old days' teams with completely...
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