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  1. garyw

    Players we tried to sign...

    Gordon Lee turned down the chance to buy Ruud Gullit he even watched him in a trial game at Bellefield
  2. garyw

    Everton Head Office

    Here he is
  3. garyw

    Old School 1970's EFC player chants.

    With a bow legged chicken & a knocked kneed hen I haven’t lost a fight since I don’t know we walk with wiggle & a wiggle & a squark doin the Everton boot walk nan na nan na nan nan na doin the Everton boot walk
  4. garyw

    Gazza at Everton

    He has since admitted he was still drunk when he played in that game
  5. garyw

    Who Is Your Favorite Everton Player of This Century

    Alan Ball who at 60 would still be better than any listed
  6. garyw

    All time top flight points race

    It is because 2 points for a win when we were at the top obviously now 3
  7. garyw

    Which Merseyside district produces most Everton players;

    Colin lived 67 Manica Cresent when he played for Everton met him many times what a lovely man
  8. garyw

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    How did you know !!
  9. garyw

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    It is no coincidence that VIRUS & VAR both have a V and an R in them !!
  10. garyw

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    The only thing that will stop them is if a Liverpool player gets it
  11. garyw

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    800 dead in 12 days in Italy this ain’t no flu
  12. garyw

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    We have NEVER mattered to this government yet people in this city still vote for them
  13. garyw

    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    The Tories need to cancel ALL events with large crowds before it’s to late just watched a video from Iran this is scary stuff
  14. garyw

    Should we give the RS a guard of honour? (poll)

    Yes I saw that on Sunday morning red scum
  15. garyw

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    No he Can’t denied by Carlo
  16. garyw

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Lacking quality in key areas & Carlo will know this only to well
  17. garyw

    the fans

    And Brands never once thought I will call the police
  18. garyw

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    I watched the villa game they played exactly the same but Villa took all their chances you don’t score you don’t win it is simple as Carlo said
  19. garyw

    New Stadium Discussion

    Planning permission application was submitted on the 23rd December
  20. garyw

    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    Spurs have 1 world class plater in Harry Kane
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