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  1. Bundy

    Give Hibbo a chance to score

    Get him up front.
  2. Bundy

    Best Mo on the team

    Best Mo?
  3. Bundy

    First team line up that played for country

    Howard Coleman Heit Jags Baines Neville Osman Pienaar Fellaini Mirallas Jelavic Ovideo Mucha Anichebe Gibson
  4. Bundy

    Coleman is my favorite player

    He's really developing his attacking game, I anticipate something when he has the ball. He doesn't make a fuss and gets on with it.
  5. Bundy

    Operation Goodison Exercise

    What is that?
  6. Bundy

    Jarg rumour thread

    Can we have a thread for jarg rumours? I for one like to dream. Anyway, I would have him:
  7. Bundy

    How much do we miss this

  8. Bundy

    Mackem love

    I feel sorry for them.
  9. Bundy

    Everton player that you liked and hated then liked and scored a great goal then left

    I was racking my brain all night and I honestly couldn't think of anyone. I obviously don't know my history.
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