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  1. Bundy

    Stoke v Everton 1st Jan 2014 @ 15:00

    This is dross, get Chico back.
  2. Bundy

    Can we realistically finish 4th?

    Man City Arsenal Man Utd Chelsea Tottenham There is a lot of teams going for that top four. So no, I don't think so.
  3. Bundy

    Everton 3-3 Liverpool. 23rd Nov @ 12.45.

    Gerrard diving
  4. Bundy

    First time in 11years

    I think liverpool were worse last season and we had a better chance of beating them. Although I have never felt inferior .
  5. Bundy

    Shinji Kagawa

    I thought he was doing well at Man. Utd.
  6. Bundy

    Give Hibbo a chance to score

    He just sent me a message saying he cant log in. Also that the crops are good, tea and rice prices are high.
  7. Bundy

    Give Hibbo a chance to score

    Get him up front.
  8. Bundy

    What might the side look like in a few years?

    I can imagine they might wear blue.
  9. Bundy


    He's an Osman.
  10. Bundy

    Denis Stracqualursi

    I remember him running his heart out against Man. City in that game where Gibson scored his first goal. Played as a front line forward, running and harassing everyone.
  11. Bundy

    Tim Cahill

    He misses you too mate.
  12. Bundy

    The end of Hibbo?

    Hibbo gets heavier every year! Good Hibbo!
  13. Bundy

    Darron Gibson

    Just saying give him a chance like.
  14. Bundy

    Darron Gibson

  15. Bundy

    Darron Gibson

    He was alright last year.
  16. Bundy

    Darron Gibson

    Good thing we have Bazza.
  17. Bundy

    Petition to sign Lukaku

    We've already signed him.
  18. Bundy

    Alex Young

    All the best people move to Australia.
  19. Bundy


    How many others would be good quality if they had the chance.
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