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  1. mikeh72

    Cuco Martina

  2. mikeh72

    Should we give the RS a guard of honour? (poll)

    Because @Keiran asked for it, here’s the poll
  3. mikeh72

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Please avoid posting stuff from low-tiered/clickbaity sources: Tier 1 – Almost undisputed when discussing a Transfer Rumour. They may not be the first to discuss a rumour, but if they are talking about it; then it is almost certainly true, and possibly close to complete. Tier 2 – Known to...
  4. mikeh72

    Transfer Rumour James Rodriguez

    Very very welcome to Le Ev.
  5. mikeh72

    2019/20 Cuco Martina

    Get out of my club.
  6. mikeh72

    Outswinging corners

    I just don’t get it. Martinez was obsessed with them and it seems it’s Silva’s tactic of choice too. To me they just never ever look dangerous, if you’re set up correctly they’re the easiest thing in the world to defend. Defender only needs to get half a head on it and it’s out the box, help it...
  7. mikeh72

    Confirmed Signing Joao Virginia

    Welcome baby Joel.
  8. mikeh72

    Transfer Rumour Eliaquim Mangala

    On loan to confirm relegation. 'Ton 'ton 'tonnnnnn.
  9. mikeh72

    Which goal was better

    I know Rooney will win the poll because he's local, but this is a tough one for me. Both unbelievable wonder strikes in their own right.
  10. mikeh72

    Biggest Everton Snake

    Who is it lads?
  11. mikeh72

    Transfer Rumour Franck Kessie

    This one seems to be gathering pace. Got to admit I know absolutely nothing about him. Us and Chelsea interested.
  12. mikeh72

    Blue netting vs White netting

    There's only one answer you melts.
  13. mikeh72

    Richard Wright vs Tim Howard

    Tough one for me this.
  14. mikeh72

    Magaye Gueye vs Andy van der Meyde

    Who was less of a steaming pile of goat manure?
  15. mikeh72

    The pissypant bed wetter thread

    Here we can converge to specifically moan about how crap Everton are and how we can't sign anyone because we're skint meffs, I feel this thread is a necessity
  16. mikeh72

    Who was the worst phantom bid?

    Which phantom bid offended you the most?
  17. mikeh72

    Player rating: Tim Howard

    Rate Tim Howard's current ability on a scale of 1-10 as a Premier League goalkeeper
  18. mikeh72


    Yeah, THAT year. Thankfully I was only 6 years old so too young to remember what was going on. Just been watching it back on Sky Sports' Premier League Years and felt like I was re-living the drama myself. Can anyone put into words how they felt during the last few weeks of that season? Looking...
  19. mikeh72

    Should we cash in on Dennis Lawrence?

    Too tall
  20. mikeh72

    Imagine if Phil Neville was appointed Everton manager in the summer

    Where would we be in the table and what would our first team squad look like right now?
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