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    New Stadium Discussion

    from the Echo... ‘If planning permission is granted then it is likely to cost, in the region, of £100m to complete, with the money coming from the various development partners that will seek to work with Everton on this groundbreaking project. ‘
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    New Stadium Discussion

    it’s in Appendix 7.1_TA...part2of7 page 20
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I thought that it would be like Spurs, with bars open in the stadium to stay after the match for drinks / snacks etc but it is implied that this is not the case and if you look at the interior plans I’m not sure there is the space allocated for this. The concourses aren’t that big and they...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Its not the lack of trains (there’s 24 an hour stopping at Sandhills). it’s that the plan restricts the number boarding those trains to 2500 hour. I.e. they will leave 2/3rds empty with thousands still queuing..
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Had a read through the transport planning documents and two things jumped out at me.. Firstly, they expect people to stay in the stadium site after matches for longer than they do now, spreading out transport demand. However they only mention the fan park as a way to encourage people to do...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Good spot. That will be huge space now with the increased size of that side of the stadium. And by the looks of it they have added outside space on top which wasn’t there before and will have fantastic views. Hopefully that space will be open to all fans and not just corporate fans.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Yep, it would be a tragic waste of one of the best views in the city if they only used it for car parking.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    It’s Parking for club staff and hospitality seats so the cars would be arriving a couple of hours before kick off and leaving after most fans.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I got told that wind tunnel testing had shown a potential problem with dangerously high winds between the buildings, so I guess it makes sense that they have reduced the size of the separate car park and moved a lot of the parking to the stadium side.
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    Everton's Under 21's In The EFL Trophy

    Not sure Scotland isn’t such a bad option for his first 6 months of open age football. It’s clearly not PL or even Championship standard but that’s the point really. It worked for James Maddison going to Aberdeen for a short loan spell, at a similar age, so why not Gordon?
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    New Stadium Discussion

    If the much bigger and more controversial Liverpool Waters scheme wasn’t called in, why would the Stadium? Wouldn’t the same arguments apply now?
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    @CRIMHEAD your stats took one hell of a beating tonight! RIP xdribbledpast
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    New Stadium Discussion

    There’s got to be a good few thousand parking spaces in car parks between Pall Mall and Moorfields, which is about a 20-30min walk...
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    2018/19 Idrissa Gueye

    Why - he’s played in plenty of our heavy defeats over the past couple of years.. he’s nearly 30, with a game that relies on loads of effort and not much else. He’s no Garth Barry in that respect. £30 million is good money and will be needed in the summer. Over to Brands to reinvest it too make...
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    2018/19 Bernard

    He does the stuff that Siggy can’t do, so should take the pressure off him a bit and allow him to play his natural game. I’d actually like to see them both play in the middle ahead of a single defensive midfielder, in home games at least.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    If you don’t mind me asking, what decisions are they and what improvements would come from them?
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    Confirmed Signing Yerry Mina

    They only conceded 28 goals in the league last year, compared to our 58 so not sure about that.
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    2017/18 Morgan Schneiderlin

    He improved after a poor start and particularly after Rooney went off. He actually ended up with the highest number of defensive contributions on 11 (the rest of the team only had 43 between them all)
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    New Stadium Discussion

    It’s not a council meeting - it’s a load of self important whoppers who just because they are Labour Party members, think they should have a say in council decisions. They don’t. People vote for councillors and the mayor, and they make the decisions. Hope they get told to do one.
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    2017/18 Idrissa Gueye

    It’s a bit of myth that though isn’t it.. West Ham and Huddersfield at home I’ll give you but... Spurs away? Arsenal home? Leicester away? Chelsea away? 13 goals conceded in those 4 games..
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