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  1. webspiderus

    thanks for the rep, appreciate it :)

    thanks for the rep, appreciate it :)
  2. webspiderus

    California Blues Request

    a bit late on this thread since I've been on vacation in Europe, but I live / work in Mountain View myself (and spent some time going to uni next to Palo Alto). like most people said, the timing's not great to watch much football in pubs, but Rose and Crown in Palo Alto's a good place to be...
  3. webspiderus

    Easy Vaulting Poll 2 - Is McGeady any good?

    Going to put in a vote for "no end product" unfortunately .. watching him at Spartak was frustrating, flashes of brilliance but sometimes it's almost like he doesn't even pick his head up before putting in a cross. Would be nice if Martinez can teach him to play a bit more intelligently like...
  4. webspiderus


    having watched him in Russia last year, I must say I was disappointed all around. he's like a worse version of McGeady, and at least the latter I believe has enough talent for Martinez to unlock.
  5. webspiderus

    2014/2015 Squad Numbers

    think McGeady will keep the 7? it's a bit of a boss number as far as I'm concerned, and I'd certainly like him to play well enough on the wing to keep it .. but it would definitely require him to step up and be a bit more consistent with his game. hopefully Bobby is drilling all that Spartak...
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