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  1. ToffeeDoug

    Do TDD signings work out well?

    I don't know the answer but it would make an interesting analysis to look at whether TDD signings down the last 10 years say (not just Everton, anyone) have worked out well for the buying club and the player? There is always an underlying hint of panic, last minute desperation, paying over the...
  2. ToffeeDoug

    Times of Day When The Esk Clocks In!

    Esk, would you please be able to furnish us with your expected arrival/departure times on GOT over the next few days and then we can all go off and do something else in the meantime rather than go up the wall talking about Roberto this and that. Many thanks:D
  3. ToffeeDoug

    Which Everton games have left you feeling at rock bottom?

    Ahead of going to tonight's game had me thinking how Upton Park has been a relatively successful hunting ground for us in recent seasons and then I remembered how incredibly low I felt after a league defeat there in early March 2002. It turned out to be the last league game with Walter Smith in...
  4. ToffeeDoug

    Lille - match officials

    Our referee will be Manuel Jorge De Sousa, backed up by other Portuguese. He has officiated in many internationals in Europe but does look quite yellow card happy.
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