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  1. zzr45

    What Of John Ebbrell?

    I think he could do a job as interim manager. Not well or anything, but he could?
  2. zzr45

    Which Player are YOU most looking forward to booing?

    With the Yanks and cranks making it perfectly clear in the Lookman thread that Bernard is the worst player to ever pull on a royal blue jersey that they've seen on their television, I'd like to know which player is going to draw your flak this year? Last year we were able to spread the hate...
  3. zzr45

    A highlight package of our central midfield last season.

    Discuss and throw random names in of midfielders for us to sign.
  4. zzr45

    Let's fix the team in 3 easy steps.

    1. Play a dead exotic formation only ever seen on FIFA. 2. Loan out young players. All of them. Apparently BFS will only hurt them according to experts on here. 3. Mourn longingly that foreign players that are excrement are that excrement that they can't even get in a team that's not playing...
  5. zzr45

    13 Reasons Why.. I want Sam as our manager

    1. It might lead to us adopting a novel concept called ‘defending.’ 2. It’ll let Unsworth go back to doing what he does well. 3. The drama queens of the club will be out pronto. 4. It gives us a cat in hells chance of staying in the premier league. 5. It might stop the sickening love in on...
  6. zzr45

    Our Academy is a Failure

    Couldn’t see a similar thread, apologies if there is one. Our academy is only capable of producing Championship standard players and hasn’t produced a striker since Victor Anichebe. Players that have gone on from our academy system have found their way back to the premiership, but we never...
  7. zzr45

    When did our fans become such cry babies?

    I really can't remember when our fan base became the biggest bunch of whingers on God's green Earth. Perhaps they weren't around for the wonderful periods of the 90s where you went the game armed with a sense of grim determination and a bit of humour to get you through. Remember when we...
  8. zzr45

    Study into Everton's online ticket sales

    Hi there, I'm currently doing a piece of research looking at Everton's online ticket sales for 2010/11 and 2011/12. If you've bought tickets in that time and can spare five minutes at max to answer a few questions it would be really appreciated. survey Also there's a...
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