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  1. TX Bill

    My friend who introduced me to Everton

    I just found out a few hours ago that the friend who introduced me to Everton Football Club close to some 20 years ago passed away today. He had been battling cancer for the past five years. I'm pretty sure he was from Liverpool (Wirral) but he lived and worked here in the USA. When people...
  2. TX Bill

    4th or no Europe at all?

    Just curious as to what my fellow Evertonians think. I know that Europe is an admirable and desirable target for Everton but I'm not so sure that I'd want to get into to the Europa League. I could construct pros and cons for both but for me I'd rather swerve it if we don't get fourth. 1)...
  3. TX Bill

    EvertonUSA Spring Supporters Tour - March 14th-22nd

    American based Evertonians: Please see the following information below: EvertonUSA Spring Supporters Tour - March 14th-22nd The confluence of US Spring Break, two huge home games at Goodison, a Tony "The Blue Bomber" Bellew fight, a Champions League night and St. Paddy's Day means that...
  4. TX Bill

    It really is that simple, too bad the FA won't act.

    Diving. Cheating. Conning the referee. Three man panel that looks at video evidence of any potential diving or cheating. Ex-player. Ex-referee. Ex-manager. Automatic three match ban for being found guilty of going down in the box when there was no contact or very minimal contact but...
  5. TX Bill

    Which Everton player needs to have a breakout season?

    Which player needs to have a breakout season next season? I'll start. Seamus Coleman.
  6. TX Bill

    I'm off....

    ...for the day. Family stuff to do with the kiddo's. I know we ALL pretty much feel like crap right now but just try to keep things in perspective. I just saw where an Italian player for Livorno passed away after having a heart attack on the pitch...
  7. TX Bill

    I understand what Moyes is doing...

    ...regarding Saha> you really want to try to get an out of form player back into form and that's by playing them. Unfortunately, and as good as I think Saha can still be, it's painfully obvious to all but Moyes and Round that we're well past that point and that his continued inclusion in the...
  8. TX Bill

    No. 1 search term as shown by Google Trends... 9am CST this morning was: wait for it... Tim Howard's Goal. My dad said that they showed it on the local Denver sports news last night. Everton getting some press.
  9. TX Bill

    Tim Cahill

    Well, I didn't imagine I'd ever be writing this. Seriously. But it's time for him to have an extended rest. He needs to be dropped in favor of Vellios/Straq/Barkley/McAleny/Drenthe, etc.... I doubt Moyes will see that today but I guarantee all the supporters have. Still an Everton legend...
  10. TX Bill

    Your team for Swansea

    ....assuming all healthy: ...................Howard................... Hibbert....Jags....Distin.......Baines Gueye....Rodwell...Fellaini....Drenthe .........Straq.........Saha............... Vellios Coleman Mucha Billy Osman Heitinga Barkley
  11. TX Bill

    F365 Winners & Losers For some reason, this is the first thing I pull up on a Monday morning. Well in the losers section isn't Martin Atkinson (shocker) but Mr. Mike Riley. Interesting. And while LFC is in the...
  12. TX Bill

    Worse than Clattenberg?

    I'd actually vote no but it's very very close.
  13. TX Bill

    I'm schizophrenic and so am I.

    Ah yes. Very typical. Win at Chelsea - We're on the up. Win against Sunderland - Time to make a run. Lose against Reading - What the heck? Win at Newcastle - Unbelieveable. If you aren't crazy yet, you will be. So we were all on a high after the Chelsea and Sunderland matches only to be...
  14. TX Bill

    Am I the only Evertonian...

    ...who sees a player like Sturridge on loan to Bolton and wonder why in the heck we couldn't get him, or a player like that on loan??? :@ I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one.
  15. TX Bill

    I'm slowly coming to the conclusion...

    ...that is isn't so much on our forwards due to their lack of scoring as it is the system we play. Not completely convinced yet but I'm heavily leaning that way. I DO think the strikers we have can get the job done though, contrary to what many think.
  16. TX Bill

    If you're near a TV in the States right now...

    ...Premier League Archives on FSC. Everton vs. Norwich from Oct of '04. KILBANE !!! YES !!! GET IN ! Oh, wait....
  17. TX Bill

    Arrived at the TX Bill household today

    This: and this: as well as a lot of other assorted goodies. I really wanted to get my mittens on the landslide...
  18. TX Bill

    Eric Dier

    Young English player at Sporting I thought this was an interesting article. It also made me wonder where our resident Sporting supporter, Sotnas, has been lately. Anyone seen him?
  19. TX Bill

    While watching the Fulham match...

    ...TV was showing a guy in the crowd with a bright yellow shirt and big blue, in your face letters that said "Everton Football Club". Loved it. Want one. Could do with a few of those over here in the States. Anyone know what I'm talking about or send me a link?
  20. TX Bill

    Changes you want to see NOW !!!

    Simple thread really. Keep it simple too. Don't over elaborate. We know what you mean and we know why you want it done. 1) No more Osman on the right. He's not a right sided midfielder. 2) Coleman starting from the off. Right back. Now. 3) Beckford AND Yakubu to start up front. Now...
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