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  1. matty1878

    Only Everton....

    Feel free to move mods didn’t know we’re to put this. Only Everton selling a top which was actual Liverpool fans in the kop and not ours lol lol lol
  2. matty1878


  3. matty1878

    Two steps forward

    12 back. Ok not literally but the inconsistency of Everton is becoming awful. West brom now 3 points behind us west brom! When will we strong results together on a regular basis? And make goodison a hard place? Until this happens you can swerve ya fancy passing kak.
  4. matty1878

    Managers Martinez can't/hasn't beaten as Everton manager

    Something to mull over I was thinking ( it's not a dig) just a wonder. Martinez as Everton manager can't/hasn't beaten pellegrini,Rodgers,pullis, and Sherwood thus far why? Tactics?motivation?Bad days? Injurys? Or good old hoodoos. Discuss
  5. matty1878

    " Robertos change of tactic"

    Although he's changed it now with 14 games left you have to ask why didn't he sooner? Yes he's realized we're not Wigan and had to shore us up (Moyes esque dare I say)but were also not winning games neither and his past how many games prove that.So we stay up (we hope) then what weres the...
  6. matty1878

    Winning football matches.

    Of recent note we " seem to have had a turn it attitude in the pitch" Were I would say some players are playing now for the shirt ( some) and the attitude is better the team look more solid but we need to start turning these performances into 3 points. If we're chasing a win why not 2...
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