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  1. LocalNative

    Are we stronger now than when we finished the season?

    Assuming Rojo is the final one for the window, poses the question, is our team stronger now than the team that finished the season? *Please commence operation accuse everyone of bedwetting.
  2. LocalNative

    Previous five managers first 23 games

    Interestingly, Silva has the lowest number of points after his first 23 league games out of our previous 5 managers. Moyes = 23 games - 39 points Martinez - 23 games - 42 points Koeman = 23 games - 37 points Allardyce - 23 games - 34 points Silva = 23 games - 30 points Now I know a season...
  3. LocalNative

    Transfer Rumour Marcos Rojo

    Deal close according to Manchester Evening News and Telegraph saying we're in talks. Is that the best we can seriously get? MEN saying Utd commanding a 30m fee. Discuss. Or should I say, fume?
  4. LocalNative

    Question of the Week

  5. LocalNative

    4-2-3-1: Where is the problem?

    Kneejerk aside, that was easily the worst performance by the team and manager all season. At 2-0 with 65 mins on the clock, no sign of a change. By the time Arouna Kone began stripping off into his kit, we were three down, at which point I can only imagine Martinez threw in the towel. I've...
  6. LocalNative

    Are we over-achieving or under-achieving?

    Or of course just breaking even!? I was looking at BBC's predictions for the weekend, Mark Lawrenson's to be precise. He reckons that we'll turn Reading on Saturday, which I would like to think we will! However, he has done predictions all season long and if his predictions were all...
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