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  1. Kenshin

    Everton’s Premier League Goalkeepers

    Didn't have 4 of them. Played less than 10 between the lot of them though
  2. Kenshin


    We can guess all we want like but we all know the shirt will just be blue. Probably a lighter than royal blue but nothing exciting. I remember the skin tight stretchy keijan shirts. Need more of them
  3. Kenshin

    Jonjoe Kenny

    I agree. But then to stop being average we need better players. Otherwise we remain average.
  4. Kenshin

    Poll: Complete the season at neutral venues behind closed doors

    Maybe not. Just the lack of crowds and lack of anything to really play for half way through will turn a lot of people away. I won't be arsed to watch anyhow. The running to the German league is for the novelty right now. Just look at wrestling. Everyone watched it when it was empty arena for...
  5. Kenshin

    Poll: Complete the season at neutral venues behind closed doors

    People will quickly realise that nobody will care it is back. Even the kopites once they officially win the league will realise how crap it will be. By game 5 the viewing figures will drop off significantly I reckon bar the relegation sides still having something to play for. Even the...
  6. Kenshin

    Homepage Article Lukaku: “I owe Everton so much”

    Sadly any top player represented by the super agents are the same. Not so much the player but certainly the agent. Like that summer when riaola sold all his clients except for lukaku because we refused to sell
  7. Kenshin

    Our worst Premier League XI

    Wright Martina Koudrup Alcaraz Martina John o Kane Le wiefeng Simon Davies Madar Brett angel Stuart Barlow
  8. Kenshin

    Players you were happy we signed but turned out to be pants, and vice versa.

    Simon Davies I thought at the time would be a decent Moyes signing. Van de meyde I got excited about when we signed him ........ Richard Wright as a potentially top class keeper. Recently sandro I thought would prove to be a good squad player. Ones that proved me wrong. In a way got to...
  9. Kenshin

    Season ticket refunds

    Played behind closed doors rather than written off. If they can get the game running next month then they will. 3 months time could make a whole lot of difference , or none at all. Either way they will expect to run next season
  10. Kenshin

    Poll: Complete the season at neutral venues behind closed doors

    As I keep saying. If one player tester positive after a restart the whole thing has to stop again. So what is the point?
  11. Kenshin

    UEFA proposals

    It would kill football as we know it. Yeah I know , all the positives that would come from the top teams leaving , give us more chance of winning something etc But winning the league now compared to winning one with the best teams gone? May as well compare the premier League to the...
  12. Kenshin

    Club Statement: Coronavirus

    Exactly what I was saying 2 weeks ago. That number is inflated because the cause of death is put as that no matter what in most cases. Who knows what the real number is, could he lower (false reports) or could be higher (care homes etc )
  13. Kenshin

    2019/20 Moise Kean

    One of these things that sound worse than what it is Young lad being a tit, and not taking the situation seriously only difference between him and the scallies roaming the streets is that he has money. All those who flaunt off the beach or wherever on a nice day no different to him. So...
  14. Kenshin

    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Then you know more than I do fella
  15. Kenshin

    Summer 2020 transfer window

    I did hear good things about him as well this season . Granted I haven't watched him so have no personal opinion on him. Didn't think he was playing bad though based on reactions
  16. Kenshin

    Summer 2020 transfer window

    Sky sports scraping the barrel now. Barca want to swap 2 players for that ndombele at spurs as they want to add more physicality to the midfield. Jose wants to add a physical defensive midfielder to his midfield. So why would they sell him then?
  17. Kenshin

    What are you missing most about the match

    Having something to talk about football wise.
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