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  1. Maltese_Falcon

    Yerry Mina Everton king of Instagram ...

    Everton players with the most followers on Instagram - Yerry Mina 3.4 million Walcott 2.2m Richarlison 2m Digne 1.9m Gomes 1.9m Moise Kean 1.8m Iwobi 1.3m Schneiderlin 1.2m Everton Official account 1.1m Tosun 840k Bernard 818k Pickford 586k Delph 407k Bolasie 378k Mirallas 305k Sigurdsson...
  2. Maltese_Falcon

    New captain please Marco !

    Irrespective on whether Jags is still here or not he should not be captain anymore , even in his prime he was not captain material , never vocal enough , never in the refs face , doesnt have that drive and leadership to rally his teammates , there is only one man fit for the job , Coleman ...
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