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  1. Irish nsno


    One word he's a Liability.
  2. Irish nsno


    Absolute garbage
  3. Irish nsno

    Everton in turmoil.

  4. Irish nsno

    Shocking display.

    Laughing stock are Everton Fc.
  5. Irish nsno


    Happy New year to all Evertonians. NIL Satis Nisi Optium.
  6. Irish nsno

    Alan Brazil..

    He thinks we should be grateful that moyes wants to come to Everton. We're thinking above our station. What a moron.
  7. Irish nsno


    We're gonna get hammered here. Players look scared, awobi doesn't seem to know his role. Defending is woeful.
  8. Irish nsno


    Wee lucky m8.
  9. Irish nsno

    Lucky mascot

    Wee lucky m8.
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