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  1. liamefc91

    Andre Gomes Sweepstake

    With all the sirious and not so sirious posts in various threads; this one is a bit of fun; and maybe you can lay your claim to be ITK. Maybe @GrandOldTeam can throw in a mug for the winner. So guess what time Andre Gomes will be announced tomorrow british time. Official time will be the time...
  2. liamefc91

    5pm announcement

  3. liamefc91

    Brands & Silva press conference.

    Brands and Silva will be holding a press conference at 2pm Monday afternoon. I for one am looking foward to it and hopefully we will see their ideas for the next 3-4 years on the playing side of things.
  4. liamefc91


    worth a listen now. Jim white show
  5. liamefc91

    How will they announce the New Stadium?

    With various 'ITK' claiming the docks is a done deal, how do you think Everton will announce it?
  6. liamefc91

    Sky Sports Live at Everton

    With Everton all through Tuesday apparently
  7. liamefc91

    Club GM 4-1-17

    just over 24 hours before the General Meeting for Everton Football Club.. What do you hope to hear about regarding finaces/stadium/transfers? What will we get told about finances/stadium/transfers? I'm hoping we hear (what most here predict) that the debt is gone and a financial way foward of...
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