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    Players who should never ever wear the shirt again

    Gylfi Walcott Schneiderlin Never ever again after today
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    Enjoy your Saturday night blues

    We deserve that for our recent weeks of torment. Have a great weekend and a very large drink. Go on big Dunc :drunk:
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    We are 100% in the mix to go down. the horrible thing is, they 100% deserve it. Moshiri, Brands, Kenwright, Silva. All guilty for letting it get to this, don’t try and blame it on 1 individual. These spineless [Poor language removed] players we have also.
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    Next 2 games

    We surely have to go back to basics and simply set up not to lose. Question is, do we even have the personnel available to be able to do that? Silva if still here will do what he always does, this is why a change of manager now is a must. 2 years ago BFS set us up not to give away goals, we...
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    Most spineless set of players ever to wear the shirt?

    It's very rare I feel the need to start a thread, but the question is simple. I am sure the manager as usual will take lots of stick and rightly so as he is an actual embarrassment as a manager of this club. However, this squad of players to me is as spineless and devoid of anything I think I...
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    One of the worst calendar years I can think of since God knows when! Been an absolute disaster on the pitch. Went further backwards and currently showing no signs of changing the direction and halting the slide. Humiliation at Chelsea, Anfield, last minute defeat in a semi final, embarrassed...
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    Caption comp time

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    Best squad for a generation?

    So, I guess the question now needs asking, were we all wrong about this squad? It wasn't just us! Pundits too claiming we should be a top 6 side with this group of players. They have to take the blame too, I've probably not seen such disorganised unprofessionalism from a group of players as we...
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